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Can Hours of Service Violations Help My Truck Crash Claim?

 Posted on June 13,2024 in Truck Accidents

TX injury lawyerMost jobs require you to go through some sort of training before you can do it well. Not only do you need to learn how to do the job, but you also need to learn regulations so that you do not accidentally do something that is against the rules. Being a truck driver is no different. You need a special license to be able to drive a truck, and since these vehicles are so large and powerful, you need to abide by various rules while you are on the road.

One thing truck drivers need to obey is called hours of service. This category of regulations is dedicated to limiting the number of hours truck drivers are legally allowed to drive consecutively and when they are required to take breaks. The purpose of these regulations is to make sure truck drivers are not too tired to drive safely. If you get hurt in a truck accident and you think that the driver violated hours of service regulations at the time of the crash, speak with a trusted El Paso, TX truck accident attorney to discuss how this can impact your personal injury claims.

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Compensation Following a Pedestrian Accident

 Posted on May 30,2024 in Personal Injury

TX injury lawyerPart of the reason why car accidents can be so dangerous is that cars are heavy machinery and the impact caused when they collide into something can be staggering. What happens when instead of crashing into a car, the car crashes into a person? The potential injuries could be extremely serious and even life-threatening, and even once the pedestrian is in stable condition, they might never be able to go back to the way things were before the crash. Their injuries might make it impossible for them to return to work or keep living in their own home. The costs of recovery - including medications, medical procedures, and therapy, as well as potential job loss - can be enormous; it is extremely important to find a reliable, hard-working Texas personal injury attorney who will fight to protect your rights and help recover maximum compensation.

Potential Injuries for Pedestrians

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2022, there were 5,766 accidents in which pedestrians were involved, resulting in 830 deaths and 1,526 serious injuries. It is clear that pedestrian accidents are an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

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What to Know After a Slip and Fall in a Texas

 Posted on April 16,2024 in Premises Liability

TX injury lawyerWhen someone else’s negligence leads to your injury, you might be able to fire a personal injury claim. If it is approved, whoever was responsible for the incident that led to your injury will be held responsible and you can get coverage for all the costs associated with your injury. For example, if you got hurt in a slip and fall incident in a restaurant caused by a puddle of water that was left on the ground, the restaurant might be liable to cover all your related costs. If you want to know more, speak with a qualified El Paso, TX personal injury lawyer who can review your case and advise you.

4 Tips for Filing Your Claim

The process of submitting a personal injury claim based on premises liability can be overwhelming when you are busy taking care of yourself and seeking medical treatment for your injuries. The following are helpful tips to follow if you are hurt in a slip and fall accident in a Texas restaurant and have suffered injuries as a result:

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I Was in an Accident With a Drunk Driver in Texas. Now What?

 Posted on March 13,2024 in Car Accidents

TX injury lawyerBeing involved in a car accident is a horrible experience. If the accident was caused by a drunk driver, it can feel even more infuriating because the other driver did something illegal with blatant disregard for the consequences of their actions. If you have suffered injuries or other losses as a result of the accident, an experienced El Paso, TX personal injury lawyer can review your case and offer guidance on how you might recover damages.

What Damages Might I Be Entitled To?

In the State of Texas, victims of car accidents caused by drunk drivers are legally eligible to seek compensation for any injury, damages, or other losses that might have resulted from the accident. The types of damages you might pursue can include:

  • Medical expenses: Any expenses for treatment, medication, therapy, surgery, hospitalization, or any other medical care related to the injuries suffered as a result of a car accident.

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What to Do As a Delivery Driver Who Gets Bit By a Dog

 Posted on February 23,2024 in Personal Injury

El Paso dog bite lawyerGetting attacked by a dog while delivering packages can be a scary situation. As a delivery driver, you have legal rights if you suffer injuries from a dog bite while working. A Texas lawyer can help you figure out the next proper steps based on your situation.

Assess Your Injuries and Get Medical Care

If you are bitten by a dog while making a delivery, the first thing you should do is assess your injuries. Are they minor scratches or more serious wounds that require immediate medical attention? Prioritize getting the medical care you need, so you can start the process of documenting what happened. Even if the bite seems minor at first, you should still see a doctor to have the wounds professionally cleaned and checked for signs of infection. Dog bites can carry bacteria deep into tissues and lead to complications. Getting prompt medical care can prevent the wound from getting worse. Make sure to follow all your doctor’s orders, which may include taking antibiotics or getting a tetanus shot. Follow up with your physician until the bite has fully healed. Thorough medical records will help support your case later.

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How to Prove a Negligent Slip and Fall at Your Apartment

 Posted on February 22,2024 in Personal Injury

El Paso personal injury lawyerIf you have suffered injuries from a slip and fall accident in your apartment complex, you may be wondering if you can hold your landlord legally responsible through a personal injury claim. The key is proving that they failed to exercise reasonable care in maintaining safe conditions. A Texas personal injury lawyer can work with you to see if you have a viable case.

Establish that Your Landlord Owes a Duty of Care

Under Texas law, landlords and property managers have a duty to keep common areas reasonably safe for residents and guests. This includes taking measures to minimize slip hazards from foreign substances or uneven flooring. Check your lease agreement because most establish this duty contractually as well. Just by being your landlord, they have assumed responsibility for your safety in shared spaces like stairwells, sidewalks, and lobbies.

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What to Do If You Were Injured From an Overloaded Truck

 Posted on January 19,2024 in Truck Accidents

Blog ImageBeing injured in any kind of motor vehicle accident can be traumatic, but when it involves an overloaded commercial truck, the situation becomes even more serious. These massive vehicles, when overloaded, can cause extensive damage and injuries when they crash. If you have been hurt by an overloaded truck, a Texas personal injury lawyer can help.

Seek Medical Care When Possible

While it is ideal to seek medical attention first, sometimes people think they are fine. Unfortunately, injuries can be hidden by the adrenaline your body is experiencing from the truck collision. Injuries can happen days or weeks later. It is important to visit your doctor as soon as you can to get checked out. Getting promptly examined and treated will document the extent of your injuries for your claim. This includes keeping a record of your diagnosis, treatment, expenses, missed work, and any lasting effects.

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What to Do if You Fall Because of Broken Sidewalks or Roads

 Posted on December 15,2023 in Premises Liability

TX injury lawyerWhen you fall and get hurt on a public sidewalk or road, you should be aware that you may be able to get compensation. Just because it is a public area and not a private business does not mean there is nobody to take accountability. A Texas personal injury lawyer can help you determine who the reliable party would be and take the next steps.

Seek Legal Representation

After suffering injuries because of poor sidewalk or road conditions, immediately contact an attorney. A lawyer can investigate defective public walkways, enabling legitimate injury claims against negligent municipalities. Photos, documentation, and witness statements strengthen evidence exposing government liability for ignoring obvious hazards that ultimately cause harm.

An attorney may send formal notices to the proper public entity demanding compensation for damages through settlements or court action if necessary. Navigating complex state laws on injury claims against public agencies requires expertise from the start through case resolution. Legal representation can quickly enable you to preserve evidence before repairs hide defective conditions.

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How to Handle a Back Injury From a Fall at a Texas Construction Site

 Posted on November 16,2023 in Personal Injury

El Paso personal injury lawyer

Sustaining a back injury from a fall or accident on a Texas construction site can derail your life and livelihood. You deserve to know what choices you have in this scenario. In most cases, you should not be left with the expenses of the injury. A Texas lawyer can help you figure out what you may be able to claim.

Document the Accident Thoroughly

Report the accident to the foreman and request an incident report from the general contractor. Take photos of any hazards that caused the fall, if possible. For example, consider dangerous conditions like unsecured flooring or railings. Get contact info and statements from witnesses. Note exactly where and how you fell, along with what was happening at the time and who was around, if you can remember. These details will be crucial to show liability. Every detail counts, whether small or big, so list everything you can.

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When a Dog Attack Results in Disfigurement and Disability

 Posted on October 17,2023 in Personal Injury

El Paso personal injury lawyerBeing brutally mauled by an aggressive dog can cause extensive physical injuries with permanent effects. Disfiguring wounds and lifelong disabilities resulting from severe dog bites warrant substantial compensation. A Texas lawyer can help you seek damages in traumatic cases.

Lasting Physical Scars

Dog attacks, especially from bully breeds like pit bulls, can leave you permanently disfigured. Deep facial and head lacerations that damage nerves, tear off ears and noses, or cause blindness. Repeated reconstructive surgeries may lessen the scarring but cannot fully undo the damage. Living with permanent disfigurement causes emotional distress on top of the physical scars.

Loss of Mobility

Dog bites that tear muscle, sever tendons, break bones, or crush limbs can cause reduced mobility or paralysis. Amputation may even be necessary in some cases when the limb is too damaged to salvage. Losing a hand, arm, foot, or leg is a life-altering disability. Even if you undergo physical rehabilitation, you may never fully regain prior strength and range of motion after a devastating attack. This impacts your work capabilities and quality of life.

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