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El Paso Amazon Delivery Accident Lawyer

Attorney for Accidents Caused by Amazon Delivery Drivers

Amazon delivery can be very convenient. You can buy almost anything you need without ever leaving your house. It is likely that a majority of people have had Amazon deliver a package to their home at some point. Amazon sells quite a large volume of goods, and the company is now handling a significant portion of its deliveries internally. Between its delivery trucks and independent contractors who make deliveries using their personal vehicles, the odds of accidents involving Amazon delivery vehicles are higher than ever.

Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC is here to help if you or your family members have been injured by a careless Amazon delivery driver. Many of these drivers are in a constant rush, and they may be inadequately trained. In residential neighborhoods, this can create wildly unsafe conditions. Our firm will fight for you to recover every possible dollar of compensation after you have suffered an injury due to an Amazon delivery driver who was more interested in quick delivery than their responsibility to drive safely.

Cal Investigates to Prove Your Case

To recover compensation, we will need to prove on your behalf that the Amazon driver involved was negligent in causing the accident. While it may seem apparent from the way the accident happened that the driver was careless and is at fault, Cal can often find evidence showing exactly what mistake the Amazon driver made. We often uncover that the driver in question was:

  • Distracted - Hurried and busy drivers may be looking at their cell phones instead of the road.
  • Intoxicated - Drunk driving by Amazon drivers is far more common than one would hope.
  • Speeding - Amazon drivers are often on a very tight delivery schedule, or they may even be paid per delivery, encouraging them to act in reckless haste.
  • Rushing carelessly - Drivers who are in a hurry may make unpredictable movements, such as cutting across several lanes of traffic without warning to avoid missing a turn.

These are only a few examples of the careless behaviors we often identify as the cause of Amazon delivery accidents. As most accidents of this nature occur in residential neighborhoods - often, in the victim's own driveway or complex - there is a strong possibility that a security camera has captured important evidence.

For accidents that occur outside neighborhoods, there is still a good chance that a traffic camera or other camera has captured the cause of the accident. If this is not the case, Cal has many other ways of investigating to gather proof, such as by interviewing witnesses and looking for physical evidence around the scene of the crash. Our firm's goal is to obtain the proof needed to aggressively pursue your case.

El Paso Attorney for Compensation After a Delivery Accident

You may be entitled to substantial compensation after being injured by an Amazon delivery driver. If you were hit by an Amazon-owned commercial truck driven by an employee, Amazon is likely the liable party. Amazon provides its delivery drivers with a supplemental insurance policy that is likely to cover you if you were hit by a contractor in a private vehicle. Types of compensation you may be eligible to receive include:

  • Medical expenses, including future medical costs for ongoing physical therapy or rehabilitation after a catastrophic injury
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages while you cannot work due to your injury
  • Future lost income if you will never be able to return to your job
  • Pain and suffering

These expenses can be quite substantial. Our goal is to ensure that every expense, cost, or financial loss you suffer as a result of this accident will be recovered for you.

Contact an El Paso, TX Amazon Delivery Accident Lawyer

Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC is committed to helping clients recover the full amount of compensation possible after being injured by an Amazon delivery driver. We see how corporate greed can increase the odds of an accident, and we take fighting back very seriously. For a free consultation, please contact us at 915-250-0700. We work on a contingency basis, so you pay nothing unless we recover money for you.

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