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It takes experience to win a personal injury case, especially when there is an insurance company on the other side of the courtroom. Attorney Cal Mundell learned the art of personal injury litigation directly from these companies, so he understands what it takes to beat them. His invaluable experience means that he knows what tricks companies may try to use to avoid paying you - and more importantly, how to fight back. Now, Cal is on your side. He will be there to protect your rights and advocate for you at every stage during your case.


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Attorney Cal Mundell



No one chooses to become involved in a personal injury case. You did not leave your house expecting to be hit by a careless driver or to get injured while visiting a shop or restaurant.

You are not the one who caused your injury, so why should you be the one to struggle with the consequences? Many people who have been hurt in a car accident or while visiting someone else's property find themselves facing serious financial difficulties. You may be missing work and losing income while medical expenses and ongoing care costs pile up. When a personal injury happens to you, you deserve the best quality representation available. Cal can advocate effectively for you against any insurance company or business, because he has the benefit of understanding the enemy. After spending years representing insurance companies and Fortune 500 companies, he is fully aware of the strategies they may use and how to counter them. This gives him unique insight into taking on the insurance company representing the negligent driver who struck you. This holds true whether you were hit by another driver in a personal vehicle, a commercial truck on a long distance route, or a delivery vehicle working for a company like UPS or Amazon.

As you can see, Cal does not back down against any opponent. He stands up for everyday people who have suffered injuries caused by the negligence of other drivers or businesses, demanding nothing less than full compensation. His goal is to see you properly reimbursed for every cost, every loss, and every type of harm done to you.

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You have nothing to lose by reaching out. Cal offers free, no-obligation consultations so that you can decide whether he is the right attorney for your case. He operates strictly on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not need to pay any fees to us unless Cal is able to recover compensation for you. He can help with cases involving car accidents, truck accidents, or injuries that occur on another party's premises, such as slip-and-fall accidents. If you have suffered an injury due to another party's negligence, Cal is waiting to hear from you to learn how he can help.

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Motor vehicle accidents almost never "just happen." Whether you were injured by a truck driver with an overloaded vehicle, an Amazon delivery driver in too much of a hurry, or a drunk driver, you likely have the right to recover compensation. The same is true if you were visiting a business like a retail store or a bar. When you enter their premises, they have a duty to ensure that you are reasonably safe from issues like slippery floors and criminal conduct. Contact us today so Cal can offer you a complimentary case evaluation and explain what rights you may have.

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