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Traumatic Brain Injuries Attorney in El Paso

Texas Lawyer for Catastrophic Injuries

A traumatic brain injury is likely to change your entire life, often permanently. Many who suffer this type of catastrophic injury will not be able to return to their usual lives for quite some time, if ever. It is common for people with traumatic brain injuries to be out of the workforce in the long term, or they may even be unable to fulfill their normal household duties. Long-term care in a designated facility or through home health aids may be needed. The cost of the care needed to recover from a TBI to the fullest extent possible can be far beyond what most families can afford.

Fortunately, in many cases, it is possible to recover compensation for these costs and more by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you were hurt in an accident due to another party's negligence, the Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC may be able to recover enough compensation to cover nearly all expenses related to the accident. If you are not the one who caused the accident, you should not be the one to face the financial consequences.

Types of Personal Injury Cases Cal Can Help With

Sadly, many accidents that cause TBIs could have been avoided if someone had only been a little more careful. If another party was careless about your safety and created a situation where a dangerous accident was likely to happen, there is a strong chance that that party can be held accountable for compensating you.

Types of personal injury cases that commonly lead to TBIs include:

  • Car accidents - Most car accidents are caused by someone's negligence. The driver who hit you likely made a careless mistake like texting while driving, speeding, or not taking weather conditions into account.
  • Drunk driving accidents - Drivers who are drunk or under the influence of drugs - including cannabis or prescription medications - are highly likely to cause a dangerous crash, and in many cases, they can be automatically deemed negligent.
  • Truck accidents - Personal vehicles offer little protection against semi-trucks. Truck drivers have a critical duty to drive safely, but some do not respect this duty.
  • Premises accidents - Accidents that occur on another party's premises due to an unsafe condition often create grounds for a lawsuit. Slip-and-falls have the potential to cause TBI, as many individuals hit their heads on the floor while falling.
  • Third-party criminal conduct - Businesses that are aware of crime taking place on their premises - including their parking lots - have a duty to take measures to prevent patrons from suffering harm. If you were the victim of a violent crime while visiting a public place, you may have a case against the proprietor.

Traumatic brain injuries can be very serious. Cal takes cases involving this type of catastrophic injury very seriously.

El Paso Attorney Pursuing Full Compensation for a TBI

Traumatic brain injuries can be extremely costly to treat. Many who have suffered a TBI are not able to live independently and must remain in a facility for quite some time, or they may rely on home health aids to provide day-to-day care. Fortunately, all of these costs are compensable.

Another major concern people with TBIs experience is their inability to work. Your lost income - including the income you would have earned in the future had the injury not happened - can also be included in a compensation award.

You may also be able to recover noneconomic damages like pain and suffering or loss of enjoyment in life. There are a series of noneconomic damages for which you can also receive compensation. Cal will use great care in calculating the amount of compensation to demand to be sure that you are getting every dollar you deserve.

Contact an El Paso Lawyer for Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC is skilled at recovering complete compensation for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury due to another party's negligence. For a free consultation, please contact us at 915-250-0700. We serve clients throughout the greater El Paso area in Texas and New Mexico.

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