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New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney for Auto Collisions & Premises Liability in the Las Cruces Area

No one plans to become the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. Rather, the need for litigation arises because another party chose to be careless about your safety. This carelessness could take the form of another driver choosing to speed or a grocery store manager choosing not to place wet floor signs where they are needed. Suffering a sudden injury can be highly disruptive to your life. You are likely facing high medical costs while also missing work and losing income. Depending on the severity of the accident, you may even be experiencing a permanent life change due to a catastrophic injury.

Fortunately, there is often a way to recover compensation for these costs and losses, both economic and otherwise. The Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC can offer you top-quality legal representation in your fight to recover the money you are rightfully owed. Cal has years of experience helping people who have been injured in auto accidents and premises accidents, and he will do everything possible to build the strongest possible case on your behalf.

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Serious motor vehicle accidents can happen very quickly. Rarely does the non-negligent party have a realistic chance to avoid an accident caused by a careless and unpredictable driver. Common types of motor vehicle accidents Cal takes on include:

  • Car accidents - Auto accidents are often caused by negligent driving practices like texting while driving or failing to yield.
  • Drunk driving accidents - Car drivers, truck drivers, and people who are employed as drivers may all make the tragic mistake of driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Truck accidents - Commercial trucks can cause very severe accidents due to the size and weight of their rigs. Overloaded trucks may cause cargo to tumble out onto the road.
  • Rideshare accidents - While Uber and Lyft are generally seen as safe, their drivers are nonprofessional contractors who are prone to making the same mistakes as other drivers.
  • Delivery accidents - Package delivery drivers who work for services like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx are often in too much of a rush to drive safely.

Cal will begin by gathering and preserving all possible evidence to support your case. Our firm's goal is to ensure that you are appropriately compensated for every cost, loss, and noneconomic harm associated with the crash.

Premises Liability Lawyer Serving New Mexico

When you are visiting a public accommodation like a store or restaurant, you should be able to assume that the business is reasonably safe for patrons. When it is not, and you get hurt, the business may be liable. Types of premises liability cases Cal works on include:

  • Slip and fall injuries - Spills should be promptly cleaned up, and wet floor signs should be placed appropriately to prevent people from slipping and falling.
  • Third-party criminal conduct - A public accommodation that becomes aware of criminal activity taking place on its premises - such as repeated robberies in the parking lot of a bar or restaurant - has a duty to take reasonable steps to protect its patrons from becoming victims.

If you have been injured while on another party's premises, Cal may be able to help you recover compensation.

Lawyer for Wrongful Death and Serious Injuries

Sometimes, there is no way to undo the injuries inflicted. If you have suffered the loss of a close family member due to a motor vehicle accident or premises liability issue, you may be able to recover significant compensation. Filing a wrongful death claim can prevent your family from suffering financially while also holding the liable party accountable.

Catastrophic injury cases are those involving a permanent and life-altering injury, such as a traumatic brain injury or paralysis. Cal's experience working with people who have suffered these injuries has taught him to pursue these cases aggressively, fighting for full compensation for every type of harm done.

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The Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC provides aggressive representation to those who have suffered personal injuries at the hands of negligent parties. To receive a free consultation, please contact us at 915-250-0700. We use a contingency fee model, so you will not owe our firm anything unless we are able to recover compensation for you.

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