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El Paso Car Accident Attorney

Lawyer for Motor Vehicle Accidents in Texas

At best, car accidents can lead to a very bad day and some property damage. At worst, they can destroy lives. Car accidents do not happen for no reason. In the vast majority of cases, collisions are caused by careless drivers. It is extremely rare for a car accident to be truly unavoidable. If you were recently struck by a negligent driver, you are likely facing a lot of expenses. You may need medical care, your car may need to be replaced, and you may be missing work.

The Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC may be able to help you recover these expenses and more. If the accident was not your fault, the financial consequences should not be your concern. The driver who caused the accident - or more likely, their insurance company - can be held liable and forced to pay for your damages. Cal has experience working for a car insurance company, and he understands both sides of these cases. He will put his experience to good use in helping you recover the highest possible award or settlement in the wake of a car accident.

El Paso Lawyer for Investigating Car Crashes

To recover compensation, we will need to prove that the other driver was careless in causing the accident. It may be clear from the circumstances and nature of the collision that the other driver was at fault, but it can be helpful to identify exactly what they did wrong. Types of car accidents we can help with and their usual causes include:

  • Rear-end collisions - Neck and head injuries are common in rear-end collisions. These crashes are often caused by distracted drivers who fail to begin stopping in time because they are not watching traffic ahead of them.
  • T-bone collisions - People riding in a vehicle that is struck from the side often suffer very serious injuries because there is little protection on the side of most personal vehicles. We often see accidents of this nature when the at-fault driver runs a light or a stop sign, often due to intoxication or distraction.
  • Wrong-way crashes - It is very difficult for a reasonably cautious driver to find themselves at fault in a head-on collision. Drivers who are going the wrong way are often intoxicated or passing illegally.
  • Hit-and-run accidents - Many hit-and-run drivers flee the scene of an accident for a reason. They may know that the accident was their fault and they will be liable, or they could lack insurance or have an active arrest warrant. Cal is skilled at investigating hit-and-run drivers to identify the responsible party. If this proves impossible, you may still have recourse through your own insurance company.

Any car accident where you are injured is serious. Cal will fight tirelessly on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery.

Attorney for Pursuing Car Accident Compensation

The true financial cost of a car accident can be shocking. Between hospital bills, replacing your vehicle, and your lost wages, the amount of damages may seem unreal. Fortunately, most of your costs and losses related to the accident are compensable. You may be entitled to recover:

  • All current and future medical expenses, including any ongoing or lifelong care required after a catastrophic injury.
  • Compensation for damage to your vehicle and anything in it that was destroyed.
  • Pain and suffering compensation.
  • Lost wages, both now and in the future if you cannot return to work promptly.

Cal will carefully consider each category of damages allowed by law to be certain that you will be able to seek the full compensation you deserve.

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