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When a Dog Attack Results in Disfigurement and Disability

 Posted on October 17,2023 in Personal Injury

El Paso personal injury lawyerBeing brutally mauled by an aggressive dog can cause extensive physical injuries with permanent effects. Disfiguring wounds and lifelong disabilities resulting from severe dog bites warrant substantial compensation. A Texas lawyer can help you seek damages in traumatic cases.

Lasting Physical Scars

Dog attacks, especially from bully breeds like pit bulls, can leave you permanently disfigured. Deep facial and head lacerations that damage nerves, tear off ears and noses, or cause blindness. Repeated reconstructive surgeries may lessen the scarring but cannot fully undo the damage. Living with permanent disfigurement causes emotional distress on top of the physical scars.

Loss of Mobility

Dog bites that tear muscle, sever tendons, break bones, or crush limbs can cause reduced mobility or paralysis. Amputation may even be necessary in some cases when the limb is too damaged to salvage. Losing a hand, arm, foot, or leg is a life-altering disability. Even if you undergo physical rehabilitation, you may never fully regain prior strength and range of motion after a devastating attack. This impacts your work capabilities and quality of life.

Ongoing Medical Needs

Dog attack injuries often need significant medical treatment over your lifetime. If you suffer permanent nerve damage, you may require medications for chronic neuropathic pain. Muscle atrophy from torn tissue may need physical therapy for years. Any implants, prosthetics, or assistive devices will require maintenance and replacements. These increasing medical costs quickly become a financial burden.

Psychological Impacts

The emotional toll of a dog mauling can be just as traumatic as physical changes. Post-traumatic stress, fear of dogs, anxiety, and depression are common psychological effects. If you endure repeated surgeries and prolonged pain, you also face an increased risk of developing substance abuse and mental health issues. The psychological trauma may impair your ability to work and require extensive therapy.

Contact an El Paso, TX Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered disfigurement or disability from a serious dog bite, you deserve to pursue compensation. An El Paso, TX personal injury attorney can help gather evidence and prove liability. While money cannot compensate for devastating injuries, it can significantly help with your recovery.

No matter how severe the harm caused by a dog attack, you have legal rights that must be protected. With dedicated representation fighting for your best interests, you can pursue the maximum compensation allowed so you can move forward with your life. Call 915-250-0700 for a free consultation.

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