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What to Do If You Were Injured From an Overloaded Truck

 Posted on January 19,2024 in Truck Accidents

Blog ImageBeing injured in any kind of motor vehicle accident can be traumatic, but when it involves an overloaded commercial truck, the situation becomes even more serious. These massive vehicles, when overloaded, can cause extensive damage and injuries when they crash. If you have been hurt by an overloaded truck, a Texas personal injury lawyer can help.

Seek Medical Care When Possible

While it is ideal to seek medical attention first, sometimes people think they are fine. Unfortunately, injuries can be hidden by the adrenaline your body is experiencing from the truck collision. Injuries can happen days or weeks later. It is important to visit your doctor as soon as you can to get checked out. Getting promptly examined and treated will document the extent of your injuries for your claim. This includes keeping a record of your diagnosis, treatment, expenses, missed work, and any lasting effects.

Document the Accident Scene

If possible, gather information and document what you can about the accident itself. Details like the trucking company name and DOT number, license plate, driver’s name, and bad condition of the road can help show exactly what happened. Take photos of damage, skid marks, debris, injuries, and anything else related. All this will assist in proving fault and potentially getting compensation.

Report the Incident

You should report overloaded truck accidents to the police so there is an official record. This report can include contributing factors, like mechanical failures, traffic conditions, weather, disregard of regulations, and similar. Make sure you get a copy of the police report. This information can help show negligence and prevent the company or driver from accusing you of causing the crash.

File an Insurance Claim

Your lawyer can help you file a claim with the trucking company’s insurance and also assist in filing claims with your own auto insurer, health insurer, or workers' compensation if the crash was work-related. Be aware that insurers might try to get you to accept an inadequate settlement offer quickly, which is why retaining an attorney immediately helps understand the process so you can take the proper steps.

Contact an El Paso, TX Personal Injury Accident Lawyer

The key is not to delay in reporting the overloaded truck accident, seeking medical treatment, collecting evidence and witness statements, contacting a Westway, TX personal injury attorney for assistance, filing insurance claims, and taking legal action if warranted. Time limits apply to insurance claims and lawsuits, so it is in your best interest to act fast if you have been injured by an overloaded 18-wheeler or other cargo truck. Call Cal Mundell Law Firm, PLLC at 915-250-0700 for a free consultation.

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