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Compensation Following a Pedestrian Accident

 Posted on May 30,2024 in Personal Injury

TX injury lawyerPart of the reason why car accidents can be so dangerous is that cars are heavy machinery and the impact caused when they collide into something can be staggering. What happens when instead of crashing into a car, the car crashes into a person? The potential injuries could be extremely serious and even life-threatening, and even once the pedestrian is in stable condition, they might never be able to go back to the way things were before the crash. Their injuries might make it impossible for them to return to work or keep living in their own home. The costs of recovery - including medications, medical procedures, and therapy, as well as potential job loss - can be enormous; it is extremely important to find a reliable, hard-working Texas personal injury attorney who will fight to protect your rights and help recover maximum compensation.

Potential Injuries for Pedestrians

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, in 2022, there were 5,766 accidents in which pedestrians were involved, resulting in 830 deaths and 1,526 serious injuries. It is clear that pedestrian accidents are an issue that needs to be taken seriously.

Depending on the car’s size and speed, whether it was turning a corner, and what other cars and objects were present at the scene when the accident happened, the injuries suffered could fall anywhere on a range from moderate to life-threatening. Some of the more common injuries associated with pedestrian accidents include:

  • Bone fracture: Depending on how and where the car impacted the pedestrian and what happened immediately after, there may be a broken rib, leg, arm, hand, foot, pelvis, or skull. Recovery might require medication, surgery, and occupational or physical therapy, there may be an added risk of drug addiction due to the need for strong painkillers, and there may be a need for occupational, physical, or emotional therapy.
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): This can have life-lasting consequences. Severity can range from a mild concussion to a coma and possibly even death.
  • Internal damage: Depending on the intensity of impact, a pedestrian might have organ damage. Sometimes, these injuries are not immediately noticeable and are left untreated until they get much worse.
  • Spinal cord damage: If a vehicle crashes into a person’s body, there may be damage to the spinal cord. This is very serious, as it can lead to paralysis.

There are, of course, other common types of injuries that are not life-threatening but can seriously impact a person’s quality of life, including soft-tissue damage, which can turn everyday tasks into things that are too difficult or painful to do.

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